Testing a new softbox
Shamelessly taking a selfie under the guise of testing
a new softbox, in hopes that you will find me
dashingly good looking and hire me.

My name is Blake. This is my website. I am not a monkey, as the above banner would lead you to believe. I choose to identify as an “artist,” although what that actually means varies from day to day. I’m a graphic designer specializing in typography, logo design, book design, and motion graphics.

Trying to honor the memory of Keith Emerson.

I am also multi-instrumentalist based out of Nashville, TN, specializing primarily in keyboard. I am currently touring full time as the keyboard player for Sidewalk Prophets. Feel free to contact me for session work.

Additionally, I am a photographer, primarily working in black and white film; but I also do portraits or the occasional wedding. Sometimes a monkey.

Lastly, I’ve spent the last 4 years as a touring audio engineer, having also designed full audio, video, and lighting for large stage shows. I even have my Class A CDL with Passenger endorsements, specializing in driving entertainers with trailers.